Wedding Inspiration – Bridal Party Intro Videos

I think everyone probably remembers the JK Wedding Entrance Dance?
The one where the entire bridal party danced up the aisle of the church to Chris Brown’s Forever?!

If not, you’re not one of the 80.5 million people who have watched the clip since 2009! I can hand on heart claim responsibility for at least 5 of those views. In fact, I loved how fun it felt so much that the idea stayed with me for our own wedding. Now, I should probably quell excitement right here, nobody danced up the aisle and we did not have a flash mob of any kind.

In fact none of my bridal party knew anything about this idea…after some discussion with our amazing videographers, Lucy & John from Eden Digital, the idea of properly introducing the bridal party to our 270 dinner guests using those big screens in every reception room and some light-hearted music was born!

[This version is just 1:29 minutes long. Click here for the full version]

We agreed the video would be in keeping with the “Old Hollywood” style of the overall video, should be a combination of clips from the day but the music should be something to kick-start the party atmosphere for as many of the age groups present as possible!

Once all our guests were seated for dinner, our bridesmaids made their entrance first (completely unaware of what was going on on the big screens – they can be a bit shy!), then the groomsmen and finally myself and my equally unaware husband…

For anyone with wedding parties who may not fully know your bridal party, especially if you have large numbers, this was my way of making sure everyone knew who the sisters, brothers and friends were for the rest of the evening!!

The Bridesmaids – Dallas
The Groomsmen – Magnum PI
Bride & Groom – The A-Team

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  1. Leon

    Very nicely done! Definitely has an old school look that you wanted to accomplish with it.


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