A Dublin Zoo Wedding from Sheila Marie Rooney Photography

Eoghan & Lindsay created a wedding day that was filled with a collection of details that was uniquely them. From choosing Dublin Zoo as their ceremony venue because they had always wanted to have a date there to their yellow campervan cake as a momento of a trip together. Their glamorous style is beautiful in contrast to the Dublin city backdrop. And one of my favourite moments is not only did Eoghan & Lindsay do a first look, they also walked down the aisle together!

From the bride: We wanted our day to be with just close family and friends with very little fuss. The aim was to create a relaxed but fun atmosphere. We wanted it to be a memorable day for everyone, not just the bride and groom.

What did you want in your dress?

I wanted something simple, elegant, and timeless

What inspired your day?

Mmm Food…!

But mostly what inspired our day was us, as a couple; we tried to incorporate things that were personal to us into our day. When we first starting going out a lot of our dates were in city centre so we knew we wanted an urban venue and we have, what you could call, an appreciation for good food! So we wanted our reception to be all about the food – Fallon & Byrne was the perfect choice.

As for the ceremony venue…well I had been trying to get Eoghan to bring me on a date to the zoo since we started going out and we just never got there and with Eoghan being an animal lover and the fact that we wanted something different and fun for our guests we decided on Dublin zoo.

Any special details?

We met at a Garth Brooks tribute band where Eoghan was working as the photographer – he took a photo of me and my friends and the rest is history!!! So we made the invites using rolls of film and for the ceremony we used the words of a Garth Brooks song as a reading.

Our first big holiday together was in a campervan around France for a month so for the cake we had a replica of our campervan – a big yellow van, thanks to Eoghan’s very talented sister.

It was Eoghan’s birthday on the same day (at least he’ll never forget our wedding anniversary) so for a surprise I booked Phil Cawley to do DJ – he’s a big fan!!

Tell us about your favourite part of the day

Can I say everything??

We walked into the ceremony together so we got to meet outside and have a few minutes to ourselves beforehand which I loved.  I also loved walking through the streets of Dublin – even if it was raining.

Any advice for our planning brides?

Do what you want to do, it’s your day and it should reflect you as a couple, don’t do things purely because you think that’s what you should do.

Make sure you get some time alone on the day, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I’d definitely recommend hiring a videographer. You actually forget so much of the day and there are parts that you miss too so it’d be great to be able to look back on it all.

Mainly though, just enjoy it and go with the flow; if something goes wrong there’s nothing you can do about it, it’s one day out of the rest of your lives together so the only really important thing is that you are marrying the person you love.

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